Review Process

Divergence Press follows a double-blind review to further provide fairness to the review process; this means that neither the identity of authors will be disclosed to the reviewers nor the authors know the identity of reviewers. Reviewers are selected by the editor of an issue, which may include members of the editorial board, or may include other individuals with the necessary knowledge to accurately review the article.

Please refer to the COPE ethical guidelines for peer-review. Reviewers should clearly reference the section of the manuscript (line numbers) to which they are referring in their response. While critiquing the manuscript, reviewers should acknowledge the authors’ time and commitment for the piece of work and therefore should be constructive. While identifying the deficiencies, clear suggestions to improve the quality of the manuscript should be provided.

The review should be submitted to the journal within three weeks to avoid delays in publishing the research. If for any reason the deadlines cannot be met, please notify the editors immediately so it can be assigned to another referee.